Mona - Fascinating, inspiring, confronting, confounding, irreverent and a whole lot of fun! Some of my favourites pictured below. 



Triennial & Nendo

Victorians, Australians even, Triennial is must see. Nendo, Yayoi Kusuma, teamLab and more make this a memorable exhibition. I was super stoked to see Nendo's Manga chairs - a wonderful combination of graphic, product and art.


Pipilotti Rist

The best kind of art experience - pure zen. No words, just feelings, colours, sounds.  


silo, for Tait

My competition entry to Tait Outdoor Furniture - Silo, a candle and lantern set for outdoor dining.

silo by nancy malik stevens_Page_1.jpg
silo by nancy malik stevens_Page_2.jpg
silo by nancy malik stevens_Page_3.jpg

Out of Hand

I really do wish the Powerhouse would pick up it's game, the layout, the lighting - everything there feels like it hasn't changed since 1987. But when I saw that Out of Hand - Materialising the Digital was bringing together Australian and International artists to showcase the place and impact of new digital manufacturing technologies, well I thought they could be excused just this once. The work really did prove to be worth putting up with the quirks of the place.


Responsive lighting


The first 3D printing patents!


Beautiful lamps from Nervous System.


Zaha Hadid machined acrylic chairs.


Marc Newson of course.


The Inspiration for these amazing pieces of clothing came from 3D representations of birds in flight.


3D printed badass alien anime suit?¿


My next fashion goals...

Summer School

Another fantastic Summer School done and dusted! This year we tightened up the design briefs a little more giving the students a style and colour scheme to work from - it really helped to frame the design process and refine ideas. I love this two week program, working with my hands and inspiring high schoolers to become designers and makers! Always a joy to be a part of - you can read about the school here and here


Paradi$e Bitch

Paradi$e Bitch is currently showing at white Rabbit and I think it's their best exhibition yet. It's bold, rebelious, and powerfully communicates the challenges of rapid growth and change in China. It's an invigorating experience! 


Jim Lambie

Jim Lambie - a colourist from the UK - has a great little show at Roslyn Oxley at the moment. His work is fun and bright and makes me want to be a colourist too!