Lifestyle Laundry: Design By Them

In collaboration with Nick Karlovasitis from DesignByThem, I had the privilege of spending my honours year researching Japanese design principles and developing a product range for Australian households. The collaboration continues with an exciting product due to launch with DesignByThem soon. 

In the second half of my Honours year I put my Japanese Design Principles to the test, designing a range of products for the laundry - a product area in great need of aesthetic innovation. 

Australia’s population is rising. Cities are becoming higher in density. Households are becoming physically smaller. Although we will continue to need the same kinds of household products we use today, it’s no longer good enough to have big, bulky, poorly designed imported goods taking up space that we no longer have in the city. 

There is a clear gap in the Australian market for everyday consumer products that are:

  • Economically accessible,
  • Locally designed,
  • Functional and beautiful in a way that means they can be displayed, not stored.

Concept Generation

development process

rituals of use