Product Developer: ide group

From 2014 to 2017 I worked at ide Group with an experienced team of industrial designers and engineers, on a range of client projects in the medical and consumer fields. I specialised in front end design work including user needs research, concept exploration, hand and computer renderings, surface modelling, client presentations, facilitating usability evaluations and presentation models.

Project examples

  • Surgical Applicator: developing the aesthetic language for a surgical applicator - a new product that dispenses a lifesaving drug
  • Pitch Presentation: working alongside the directors and marketing team to developing the design language and graphics for ide's corporate presentations.
  • Sketching Workshops: facilitating sketch practice sessions to help ide staff keep up their sketching skills.
  • Office Revamp: designing acoustic wall features for the meeting rooms and director offices.
  • Breakthrough Devices: understanding user needs through a series of interviews and feeding that knowledge into concept ideation for a new breakthrough product in the medical field. 
  • Smart Technologies: looking into the future role of technology in medical products.
  • HIV Diagnosis: Working as part of a team to develop the Atomo Rapid HIV diagnostic test for new markets. 
  • Electrical Savings: Developing the design language and production plan for the e*star energy monitor. 
  • Consumer Products: taking a consumer product from ideation, to marketing, detailing, testing and now small run manufacture in China.


At ide I had the opportunity to develop my competency in the following areas:

  • Design Inputs: using a variety of research methods to understand complex problems and user needs, creating design briefs that encompasses marketing needs, human factors, user needs, manufacturing requirements and regulations.
  • Vision setting: developing style guides and mood boards for visual guidance.
  • Ideation: taking project and product requirements through to a wide and comprehensive exploration of feasible solutions, facilitating brainstorming workshops with staff and clients.
  • Prototypes and models: from card to foam to production finish 3D models - assisting clients in visualising our answers to their needs.
  • CAD: surface modelling and detailing concepts, production drawings and liaising with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Visualisation: marker renderings and Keyshot renderings combined with Adobe skills result in presentations that capture the imagination.
  • Client presentations: building rapport with clientelle, delivering clear, concise and compelling presentations.
  • Usability evaluations: planning and recruiting, developing protocols, facilitating usability evaluations, reporting on data and observations, making recommendations for the next design iteration.

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